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Course Details
Eligibility : A Bachelor’s degree in Science with BioChemistry, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Nutrition and Dietics or Food and Nutrition or Food Sciences as the main subject or Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Animal Science, Medicine or Veterinary Sciences including Indian forms of Medicine and Homeopathy.
Duration : 2 Years (4 Semesters)
Professional Courses : M.Tech., M.phil and Ph.D.,
Diploma Courses : Medical Laboratory Technology, Bioinformatics, Food Technology, Hospital Management, Dairy Technology.
Research Courses : Research Associate, Project Assistant
Job Opportunities : Pharmaceuticals – Quality Controller, Quality Analyst, Biochemists in Hospitals and Clinical Laboratories, Agro Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Dairy and Cattle feed Industries, Marketing Executives, Editors in silence Publications.
Study Materials in the Library
No.of Books:753      
No.of Titles:414      
No.of CDs:99
No.of magazines:04
No.of Journals:02
YearSemester - I
Core I - Biomolecules
Core - II - Cell and Molecular Biology
Core - III - Advanced Enzymology
I Elective - I - Biophysical Chemistry and Biochemical Techniques
Lab Course - I
Lab Course - II
YearSemester - II
Core – IV – Intermediary Metabolosim
Core – V – Genetic Engineering and Fermentation Technology
Elective – II – Plant Biochemistry
Human Rights
Lab Course – III
Lab Course – IV
YearSemester - III
Core - VI - Advanced Clinical Biochemistry
Core - VII - Drug Biochemistry and Toxicology
Core - VIII - Concepts of Immunology
IIElective - III - Biostatistics and Research Methodology
Lab Course - V
Lab Course - VI
YearSemester - IV
Core - IX - Human Physiology and Endocrinology
Elective - IV - Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology
IIProject Viva-Voce