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Biotechnology Laboratory

Biotechnology is a multi disciplinary, application oriented study which includes various advanced biological techniques. Department has separate, well organized laboratories with unique functional areas for Under Graduate and Post Graduate. Laboratories are well equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments to meet the current needs.

Lab is designed in such way to have a organized work space for

  • Plant tissue culture
  • Molecular biology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Bioprocess Technology
  • Enzyme Technology
  • Microbial Technology
  • Animal Tissue Culture

Our PG Biotechnology lab is organized in a manner to serve the students in both academic and research purposes. It holds LCD TV and image projection system to demonstrate various Micro and Macroscopic experiments.

The lab is equipped with advanced instruments like thermal cycler, gel documentation system with gel analysis software, UV-visible spectrophotometer, Phase contrast microscope, Image projection system, Visible spectrophotometer, Stereo Microscope, -20 C Deep Freezer, etc.

Biochemistry Laboratory

We have separate well equipped lab for UG and PG students, which succumbs our students to enlighten their research work in the field of Enzymology, Genetic engineering, Immunology and clinical Biochemistry.

Various special equipments available in laboratory some of the instruments are give below.

S.NoName of Instruments
1 Cooling Centrifuge –Remi
2 Chemical Balance
3 Chromatographic Chamber
4 Colorimeter – Systronics, Elico , Photochem
5 Deionizer
6 Electrophoresis Unit
7 Flame Photometer
8 Incubator
9 Incubator Cooling
10 Soxhlet Extractor
11 Spectrofluorimeter
12 Homogeniser

Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology department has separate, well furnished, spacious laboratories to train undergraduate and post graduate microbiology students. The labs are equipped with air conditioned inoculation chambers, Laminar flow stations, Mycological hoods, Bright field research microscope (Labomed LX400), Bright field binocular microscopes, Bright field monocular microscopes, ELISA microplate reader (Biorad-680), Table top high speed cooling centrifuge, Clinical centrifuges, Bacteriological incubators, BOD incubator, Hot air ovens, Autoclaves, Deep freezers, Refrigerators, Digital pH meters, Electronic balance, Dhono balances, Digital colony counters, Water bath with shaker, Serological water baths, Hot plate with magnetic stirrer, VDRL shakers, Electrophoresis apparatus, UV Transilluminator, Cyclomixer, Membrane filter apparatus, Millipore suction pump, colorimeter, Water distillations sets, Heating mantles, Rotary shaker, Microwave oven, Western blotting apparatus, Electrical blender etc.

Computer Science Laboratory
  • Two well equipped air-conditioned lab with (latest configuration) 250 dual core computers connected with NOVELL/UNIX/LINUX/WINDOWS NT Platforms.
  • 60 Pentium-IV systems with latest TFT-LCD Monitors or provided in computer lab for Internet use.
  • Wi-Fi connection is available around college campus.
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