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Course Details
Eligibility : B.A. / B.A. English (CA) or Any other degree.
Duration : 2 Years Full Time Programme
Professional Courses : M.B.A, B.Ed .,
Diploma Courses : PGDELT, PGDTE.,
Research Courses : M.Phil., Ph.D., Research Scholar in CIEFL & ASRC
Job Opportunities : Managers in MNC, Trainees in communicative skills & Pronunciation, Customer Relations Offices, & Teaching Field.
Study Materials in the Library
No.of Books:2617      
No.of Titles:1584      
No.of CDs:44
No.of magazines:01
No.of journals:03
YearSemester - I
Core -I Chaucer and Elizabethan Age
Core -II Restoration and Augustan Age
Core -III The Romantic Age
I Core -IV The Victorian Age
Elective -I Feminist Writing
YearSemester - II
Core -V Twentieth Century Literature
Core -VI Shakespeare
Core -VII Indian Writing in English
IElective -II Transnational Criticism
EDC – Fundamentals of Computer and Communication
Human Rights
YearSemester - III
Core -VIII American Literature
Core -IX Linguistics and Stylistics
Core -X Post Colonial Studies
IICore -XI Comparative Literature and Translation
Elective -III Media Writing
YearSemester - IV
Core -XII Research Methodology and Rhetoric
Core -XIII Literary Criticism
Core -XIV General Essay
IIElective -IV Teaching of English Language
Core - Project