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Course Details
Eligibility : Should have passed +2 (State Board / CBSE / Equivalent). Preference to students with anyone of the Biological Sciences.
Duration : 3 Years (6 Semesters)
Career Post Graduate Prospects : Industrial Microbiology, Food & Dairy Microbiology, Genetic Engineering, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Microbiology,Marine Biology, Environmental Microbiology, Clinical Microbiology, Medical Microbiology,GeneTechnology,Genomics,Biotechnology, Agricultural Microbiology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Integrated Biology
Professional Courses : MBA Hospital Management
PG Diploma Courses : Diploma in Industrial & Pollution Control, Diploma in Waste Water Management, DMLT, Mushroom Technology, Food & Dairy Management, Biopesticide Technology, Biofertilizer Technology, Seed Production Technology, Herbal Medicine,Clinical Microbiology, Immunotechnology.
Job Opportunities : Quality Controller, Lab Technician, Medical Representatives.
Study Materials in the Library
No.of Books:1050      
No.of Titles:588      
No.of CDs:100
YearSemester - I
Tamil-I / Hindi-I/Malayalam-I/French-I
Fundamentals of Microbiology
I Biochemistry-I
Manavalakalai Yoga ( Value education)
YearSemester - II
Tamil-II / Hindi-II/Malayalam-II/French-II
Microbial physiology
Microbial diversity (SBEC-I)
Environmental Studies
Major Practical – I
Allied Practical – I Biochemistry
YearSemester - III
Tamil-III / Hindi-III/Malayalam-III/French-III
Microbial genetics
Principles of bioinstrumentation (SBEC-II)
Competitive exam-I (NMEC-I)
YearSemester - IV
Tamil-IV / Hindi-IV/Malayalam-IV/French-IV
IIComputer Applications in biology
Competitive exam-II (NMEC-II)
Major Practical-II
Allied practical –II( Biostatics and computer applications in biology)
YearSemester - V
Medical bacteriology
Food and dairy microbiology
Medical parasitology (Elective-I)
IIIMedical mycology(Elective-II)
Recombinant DNA technology (SBEC-III)
YearSemester - VI
Soil and agricultural microbiology
Environmental and pharmaceutical microbiology
IIIBioprocess technology (Elective-III)
Microbial technology(SBEC-V)
Clinical microbiology(SBEC-VI)
Major practical –III
Major practical- IV
Extension activities